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IPv6 for VPS 2016 Cloud and VPS 2016 SSD

2016-04-09, 03:47 PM
Hey OVH,

I'm super happy with my VPSes, but the big elephant in the room is lack of IPv6 connectivity.

With SixXS having stopped handing out new tunnels and threatening to throttle existing ones, (and my tunnel slots at Hurricane Electric all being in use already) it's getting excessively hard to ignore lack of native IPv6 connectivity anywhere.

My support tickets asking for IPv6 in the past year have repeatedly been closed with the remark that it's "not yet available" or OVH are "working on it", but the issue is starting to become a bit pressing now, with SixXS exiting the tunnel scene. (Not that interacting with SixXS had ever been a lot of fun in the first place.)

Any schedule on how and when OVH plans to bring IPv6 to VPSes would be much appreciated. It's not that hard, after all.