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Ceph Block Volumes on OVH Dedicated Servers

2016-04-08, 07:51 PM
I'm investigating whether I can use a mixture of OVH Dedicated Servers and Public Cloud instances for my next project. The servers will be located in Canada.

It looks like OVH Public Cloud implements Ceph Block Volumes which may be mounted to Public Cloud instances. Can I also create Ceph Block Volumes to mount to my dedicated servers (probably HOST-32L servers)? I want to have MySQL databases use HA SSD volumes that may be attached to either a Public Cloud instance or a dedicated server (not at the same time, of course). I think the Ceph storage will be more durable than using local SSDs on the dedicated or cloud servers and allows me to implement my website on a mixture of Private Cloud (dedicated servers) and Public Cloud as I see fit.

If I can mount Ceph Block Volumes to OVH Dedicated Servers, will there be any performance problems? Can I mount the volumes over vRack network? And, if so, should I purchase dedicated servers on 10Gbps vRack or is the 1Gbps vRack not a bottleneck for HA SSD volumes?

If I can't do this, should I install MySQL instances on Public Cloud instances using HA SSD volumes and use these MySQL Cloud servers for my PHP apps running on Dedicated Servers? Are Public Cloud instances accessible over vRack or are the Dedicated Servers limited to using the Public Network to use Public Cloud instances?