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Cannot log in through SSH

2016-04-07, 05:34 PM

I recently was working on installing an Ark Survival Evolved server onto the machine I host with you, and after following a tutorial and modifying the following files:

I rebooted the machine and now I am unable to connect to it through ftp and ssh, is there anything you can do to help me resolve this? Here is more details on what I modified:

Raising The Open File Limit

This is where it can get painful, and this process can differ, dependending on your flavor of Linux. The example here is for Ubuntu. To get the Ark Dedicated Server running you need to raise the max number of open files to 100000. Yes, that's a ton. But it is necessary.

Be aware that 99% of the server start-up problems people are having occur because this is not done correctly. Also be aware that some users are stating that they needed to set 200000 or even 500000, depending on how many other game servers or instances they are running.

First edit the file /etc/sysctl.conf and change or add the following line:


Next you need to edit the file /etc/security/limits.conf and set the limits to the same value you used in the previous step. Change or add the following lines as necessary:

* soft nofile 100000
* hard nofile 100000

The final setp is to edit the file /etc/pam.d/common-session and then add or edit the following line:

session required pam_limits.so

At this point you should restart the computer, so that all of the changes are applied correctly. Once you have restarted the computer, open a terminal window and enter the following command:

ulimit -a

What you want to check is where it says Open Files and make sure it says 100000, or the value you used in the steps above if you changed it to something higher.