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Requesting help resolving a copyright abuse issue

2016-04-05, 01:02 PM

Im reaching out, using this forum to bring to the attention at OVH my concerns in reference of copyright abuse of my copyright protected material being uploaded and shared at a forum hosted by OVH i've reported on 3 different occasions during the previous month of March, via both web at https://abuse.ovh.ca , and thru emails to abuse@ovh.net , all these reports are in connection to hosting of my copyrighted stolen videos by the domain i will not name in a forum with the following IP (, which is a client of OVH Canada. These reports i've submited to both OVH and the domain owner have not had any successful results or replies to my bennefit the copyright owner of the material being shared and uploaded at the above IP/ forum,
I feel i have provided adequate information to satisfy the legal process of requesting removal of the content that i have previously mentioned, because, i have not received any kind of indication that my letters and forms ive filled out, have been reviewed, or are in processof being reviewed, ive elected to post here on the forum my concerns, and request that someone from OVH review my abuse reports and have my content removed from the forum hosted by OVH.ca
Please forwqrd this post to your Abuse Dept, and have them contact me at your earliest convenience, or sooner,
thank you