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Question about the teamspeak 3 servers

2016-04-05, 12:39 AM
How many total connections? Most of these servers can handle quite a bit, it's bandwidth usage you should be concerned about. You would need to calculate the total number of connections and the bitrate of the expected most used codec. TeamSpeak supports virtual servers, so a single server can seem like multiple other servers, on different ports. You also need to look at license costs for TeamSpeak if you're doing hosting.

2016-04-02, 05:55 PM
Hey there, i need a little help from you guys, recently i've decided to start up a voice hosting company with a friend, but i'm not quite sure what kind of dedicated servers will i need to buy for that? I don't know what kind of dedicated machine specs can handle at least (if its possible) 20-25 ts3 severs per machine? So if any of you know something about it, give a shot, Thanks!