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Counter-Strike Server

Phil @ OVH
2016-03-30, 11:37 AM
Have you opened a support ticket for this issue? This is not the type of problem we can resolve through the forum

Phil C.

2016-03-28, 10:32 PM
Hello OVH, i used to buy VPS froum you because of the performance and amazing DDoS protection.
Recently i opened a Counter-Strike 1.6 server on a VPS SSD 1 (Europe > Gravelines (FR)) but i have a big problem !
The server is lagging and sometimes all of the players get "Connection Time Out" and the server is still online but it takes some minutes to get back online is like the internet connection is getting down for a few minutes. I was usually get my VPS from Roubiax but i never have problems with thouse VPS. Maybe the VPS is forced, i can upgrade the plan or change the location but it will solve the internet connection problems ?
Please help me fast, i'm losing so many players !!!