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Hostname Lookup No such host is known (11001) - SMTP Server Microsoft Verfication

2016-03-24, 10:16 PM
Hello OVH,

due to some issues with my original SMTP server I decided to install one on our Dedicated Server box, system that I'm using is PostFix which works flawless besides one mayor issue it's not able to send messages to any of the Microsofts servers AKA hostmail, live etc. Now I've read about this and apparently it has to be verified manually on their SNDS (Smart Network Data Service) which I've tried now however it prevents me from verifying the server as it's apparently "No such host is known (11001)"

Now I'm not sure on how to fix this but maybe some one here have had this issue before or have any ideas on how to do it. Here is also a screenshot on how it looks like when I'm trying to verify it.

I would also like to say that I'm not having full control over the box as it's shared with me and a friend however I do have full vSphere access so I'm not able to do anything through the control panel myself but I can always pass along the messages to my friend who does. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Ben Sherman