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Server Problem with guaranteed Bandwidth sinec more then 2 week, support not answer

2016-03-25, 09:18 AM
I am a new OVH customer and I am noticing the exact same thing, so I am tagging in on this post. From within my own VM I get insane speeds. When downloading from my websites, on any of my VM's I get slow to moderate downloads. Nothing like what I actually should be getting.

2016-03-22, 05:43 PM
I am having the same exact problem with the same Server as you, and my server is located in RBX1.

My problem doesnt happen all the time though, but it happens every day in the afternoon EST time for about 6 hours. I can't even sent to another OVH server over 10MB/sec.

2016-03-20, 02:11 AM
I've rent a mHG Server in SGB and notice from the first day Bandwidth Problems at the guaranteed 500Mbit/s Bandwidth OVH/Internet - which mean the performance was not even close to it. With other server from OVH i get always the guaranteed BW, this new one perform with 5-10%

Even within the OVH Network between the server the same issue, if i download to this server, get about fullspeed, if i download from these server, the speed is 10-20%

I wrote all information, mtr, iperf, ping and everything what is requested from support, which response the first 1 or 2 days as normal when request such tests. Now, about 5 days later after i've send everything, nothing. After i send everything over, no response anymore. Tried 2 time to push, not even a "please be patient we work on it" or anything.

I mean, i don't want to bother and i have patience if needed and if they would inform me that they work on it, but 0 answer now for 5 days? I've paid more then 2 weeks ago for these server but can't use it. I don't worry about the money lost or the time which is gone, but i need the server asap to start work with.
Dunno what to say, im about new here and had no bad experience at all, whatever or whenever i ask the support, the answer cames within 1 day so far and i was really satisfied with. But this time is a bit dissappointing. I am the last who don't understand that some things need time, but a little bit of information in this case would be pretty much helpful. I would even accept to get another server if there are some bigger problem within this rack or so. But pay for a service and get nothing usable then...is not nice.