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Move Failover IPs from VPS to VPS (or OVH Dedi)?

2016-03-16, 01:44 AM
I have 2 VPS SSD 2016 at BHS and looking to move to just 1, and then cancel the other and spin up a new one in GRA. But I want to keep the failover IP I already paid setup costs on if it's possible.

Inside the OVH Manager I see the option to move my failover IPs from my VPS, and it shows me my 2 OVH Dedicated servers (SP & EG lineup) and IP Parking as options, but when I select one of the servers it says a move is not possible (I have IP slots available on both). And it doesn't show my other VPS.

All of these services are at BHS. Is it not possible to move Failover IPs from one VPS to another VPS or from VPS to an OVH dedi? Can I move them to IP Parking temporarily and then move them back to a dedi?