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Support Nightmare

2016-03-15, 03:13 AM
I feel like I'm stuck in a kafkaesque nightmare.

I would like a refund. I raised an issue 4 weeks ago and the issue has most likely been present since my service was started. The speed is limited at 30 mbps instead of 250 mbps.

My server has been down for days while they have tried to fix the issue, they have replaced the motherboard, the network connector and the issue still persists. There have been 32 interventions and tickets take days to be answered. No explanation or action has been taken to offer an alternative.

The latest status is they keep on telling me they will hand the matter over to commercial support, but then nothing happens for days and when I raise the issue they say the forgot but are doing it now. It seems like they are trying to get away with doing nothing about it.

I've spent countless hours on this and my clients have suffered because of it. I just want a resolution now, a refund and to move on.

Any ideas what I can do next? The ticket thing is not working.