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Help me

2016-03-16, 03:18 PM
While you can get free licenses (or no license for small user counts) for TeamSpeak, they can be revoked if you have ads or request donations on any related services.
Paid licenses are expensive. I like TeamSpeak a lot, but you may want to check out (free and open-source) alternatives like Murmur/Mumble or an RTC/XMBC such as Openfire/Spark/Jitsi.

With Mumble, I suggest the 1.3x client as it has per-user volume control.
It's still in development... but seems fairly stable.
Choose the "Development Snapshot" from the download page.

Darth Android
2016-03-16, 02:51 PM
There are guides on how to install both floating around on the internet if you search for them. Find one that matches the OS you chose to install.

2016-03-09, 08:42 PM
Hello, I recently bought a dedi server and I was wondering how to setup teamspeak and a call of duty game???