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Hypervisors and SAN/NAS?

2016-03-06, 11:01 PM
I'm considering rolling out a cluster of 4-8 hypervisors with Proxmox. I want the nodes to have 128GB RAM, and 16c/32t. Use case is software testing and development. Non-production. It would be somewhere between 64 and 128 VMs.

My initial idea was to link the hypervisor nodes all up to your NAS solution over NFS to run the VMs and allow for VM live-migration. But now I'm thinking that won't work well because they're not connected on a dedicated network. And would I get enough IOPS for the VMs out of your NAS solution?

So then I looked at getting the hypervisor nodes onto a vRack 10G and link them up to a FS-48T Storage Server. Unfortunately your only solution that meets my hypervisor node requirements (128GB ram 16c/32t) is to go with HG-1 nodes which are twice the cost of MG-128 Enterprise nodes with the same specs. Going this route puts me over budget.

Now I'm thinking about dropping the NAS solution and have each hypervisor isolated. Use MG-128 nodes with 2x2TB + 2x300GB SSD and use ZFS with ZIL and L2ARC SSD caching. This saves a lot of money.

I have considered Dedicated Cloud but that puts me over budget and I don't need HA due to use case. VPS and Public Cloud instances are 4 times more expensive that dedicated servers too.

Am I missing a solution entirely that might save a lot of money and provide good performance?