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IP address issues on ESXi 5.5 Ubuntu 14.04 VM

2016-03-05, 06:50 PM
I have a Ubuntu 14.04 VM running on an EXSi 5.5 host that I want to bind to IP

I have configured the network according to the guides, however I cannot get any network connectivity at all.
The route table is not being populated automatically and even when the routes are added manually it still has no connection.
The VMs on the neighboring IPs in the range work fine as can be seen in the last screenshot, but there is no MAC address being returned for the faulty ip.

Please see the screenshots I have posted below.

VM ESXi network config:

VM's /etc/network/interfaces file:

VM ifconfig command:

VM roue -n command immediately after boot:

VM manually add routes & try to ping:

nmap command from neighboring VM:

If anyone has any idea how to solve this issue it would be very much appreciated.
Regards, Phill