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How do I graphically connect to Citrix XenServer 6.5

2016-03-05, 10:34 AM
Install XenCenter on windows? or import XOA (XEN-Orchestra) to XEN itself and boot the vm... see https://xen-orchestra.com/

2016-03-03, 12:39 AM
Ah, there is no comparison to a GPU for Game Speed.
The latency and lag you're getting may also be due to the way FrameBuffers transfer the various network protocols.
You may be better off installing something like Citrix XenApp server with ICA HDX MediaStreams enabled.
This is a costly solution, but would likely run similarly no matter the Virtual Tech if you don't have a GPU.
On XEN, likely only Dom0/DomU would have access to GPU resources.
You'd likely see a black screen where the picture is supposed to be rendered because the video would be output over a frame buffer from the hardware.

Citrix HDX (Metaframe/XenApp) is different from Citrix Xen... even though Citrix Farms can deploy Xen desktops/vms.
Splashtop may be a cheaper alternative for remote HD media or RDP with RemoteFX.


2016-03-03, 12:04 AM
Hey thanks again HTMLtag! Well what I'm trying to do is, with my server, is set up a operating system (so far windows is my best bet) that will run a virtual machine, and that virtual machine will have a computer game running inside. The problem is the game inside the vm runs to sluggish and is just barely practically to use (big stuttering, staggered frames per second). I've tried every set up possible (cores, updates, graphics settings within the game settings, win 7 and 10) and spent a day trying everything. But because I don't have access to the bios, I thought I should try other options.

My thinking is that I've read that Citrix Xen is powerful virtualization Operating system, in which is allows vm's to use a gpu. I know my server has no gpu (its a intel I7 4790k) I was thinking that it will still vitrualize my vm's better and use my intel cpu better for graphics, thus getting rid of my sluggish and staggered frames per second inside the game.

I'm tech savvy to a degree, but I only have experience with Windows stuff, so I don't quite understand how other operating systems work too well at the moment.

2016-03-02, 11:39 PM
Is there any reason you went with XenServer with Xen over Proxmox with KVM that uses a nice web ui?
XenServer Client is likely what you need, http://xenserver.org/open-source-vir...-download.html

Back when I used to use Xen Cloud Platform (XCP), the open source version of XenServer, I had to do most things with open source managers and command line console. I think you can use the normal XenClient though. There was also a limited Web UI at the time. Maybe check your server's IP.

2016-03-02, 11:02 PM
Hey guys I did what i needed to do (tests) with my other operating system. Now want to explore Xenserver from the templates offered. But I've never used xenserver before.

How do I connect to a xenserver graphically (kinda like remote desktop)?
Using putty with ssh works fine but the x2go client (used for linux) doesn't work, and a windows 7 remote desktop doesn't connect either. The x2go client gives me this error:

kex error: no match for method server host key algo: server [ssh-rsa,ssh-dss], client

while my windows 7 remote desktop just gives me the generic can't connect message and double check if the system is on.