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Do I get Charged? and waiting time?

Phil @ OVH
2016-03-02, 12:49 PM

Your month of server rental will only start on the day that the server is delivered, not from the day you ordered it.

Normally if we say 10 days, it is because we are out of stock of a component needed to build the server. It is possible that it will take 10 days, but usually it's quicker.

Phil C.

2016-03-02, 12:10 PM

I was wondering with my new dedicated server I've bought recently with SoYouStart that had the 10D icon next to it, do the days I have to wait for it to be setup and activated still count towards my month of payment or does my month not start until the server I ordered is in my hands and ready to go?

Also how long should I expect to be waiting for my server to be ready? 10 days like the icon says or is that just a worse case scenario longest period type thing?