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100Mbps ?

Phil @ OVH
2016-02-29, 08:32 AM

It is for both. If you are not getting full speed, I would first suggest restarting your server in Rescue Mode and running speed tests then. If the speed is okay, it is one of your processes which is slowing down the connection.

If the speed issue is still present, open a support ticket and provide the results of the following tests:

-Results of a ping on your server.
-Results of a traceroute (preferably done with MTR) from your local host to your server.
-Results of a traceroute (preferably done with MTR) from your server to your local host.
-Results of the following command: iperf -c proof.ovh.ca -P 5 -r

We'll look into it and resolve it for you.

Phil C.

2016-02-28, 06:49 PM
I'm getting good upload speeds


And I'm on VPS Cloud 2 (but shouldn't make a difference since they all have the same bandwidth).

2016-02-28, 05:27 PM
Speed tests on VPS Could 1 with Linux show 100Mbps download and around 50Mbps upload. Why is that?

The advertised bandwidth is 100Mbps. One would assume that applied to download and upload. If that's only for download, it should be made clear here: https://www.ovh.com/ca/en/vps/vps-cloud.xml