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VAC -- Terrible Connection Quality

Phil @ OVH
2016-02-24, 05:46 PM

Yes, there was a minor bug with the VAC today that caused some connection issues. We were able to quickly resolve it, thankfully.

Phil C.

2016-02-24, 02:38 PM
So lately (the last 2-3 months) it seems the VAC perma-mitigation seems to be causing more harm than good. Clients to my servers randomly get crazy packet loss and today around 2:00 EST, the entire server lost connection.

This is starting to get really old and I'm wondering if this is even being looked into? This has been happening for quite a while now. Unfortunately I need the perma-mitigation and firewall rules and that's the whole reason I came to OVH but it seems to be causing just as much harm as a DDoS attack at this point...

EDIT: This seems to coincide exactly with when the issues started for me.


EDIT 2: Looks like it's a similar issue to what I linked earlier. Hopefully this gets resolved because any UDP realtime hosting is completely unusable