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VPS Acount

2016-03-14, 07:15 AM
its vps is my favorite to run big site for that who wants to remain online site always.

Phil @ OVH
2016-02-23, 09:16 AM

It is hard to say what would be easy for you. It is definitely more complicated than shared hosting, as you will be the administrator. That said, we take care of the basic installation of the OS and the initial network config.

VPS do not come with cPanel, the license can be ordered for an additional $13.99 per month.

Phil C.

2016-02-20, 09:54 PM

This is my second time trying to post a message as my first message did not post. Would it be easy for me to come from shared hosting to VPS hosting? and i am only asking this question because i really don't know anything about VPS hosting.

Does the VPS account comes with a cpanel?