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Windows - Cant connect to kvm or Remotely

2016-02-20, 05:57 PM
Hi! Let me start out by saying I know little to nothing about what I am undertaking trying to use this vps - please disregard misused terminology and my general sense of ceaselessness when it comes to the topic at hand. I am trying.

With that being said; I purchased this vps a few days ago and had it setup and running my game server perfectly (following a friends tutorial word for word, and talking to him to fill in the blanks). I had it up and running flawlessly less than 2 hours after purchasing. My friend was telling me that I should enable windows firewall. I enabled it on the virtual machine and people on my server were immediately booted - and then said the server list showed my server as full until it no longer showed up on the list.

When I heard this, I noticed I couldn't log into the server via remote desktop connection - getting an error saying it could be off or a few other options. Then I tried to access it via the KVM and up top it said I was connected to an instance - but not my vps' ip address. Under that text, it says to log in press cntrl+alt+delete which obviously only bring up my task manager (not the vps task manager)

I have seen other people have been having a similar issue with the vps. My friend who hosts 3 of the same game servers setup very similar if not identical to how mine is - says his servers are up and running - but that his kvm is showing the same thing.

Since I am so new to this, I am hoping it is just a simple setting I screwed up with the firewall, because after i made that change was when I noticed this starting.

Thanks in advance for any help