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Private Network Among Hosts

2016-02-10, 10:24 AM

Having issues with vm's talking to each other over the same private subnet when they are on a physically different host. I have both vm's setup on the trunk port group of the provided vrack dvs, using I have 2 physical hosts in my dedicated cloud. If I bring up 2 vm's on Host A, they can talk to each other over 192.168.10.x. However when I bring up one of these on Host A ans the other on Host B, they can't ping each other. Is this somehow expected? Pretty new to esxi, so I'm sure its a simple misunderstanding/fix on my end. My final goal is getting 2 pfsense vm's setup in ha, but so far, I can't get them talking over the lan or a 3rd interface for sync.

Edit: I see this works if I use one of the vlan port groups instead of trunk...though not sure what the implications would be of using a vlan port group for the pfsense vm's....my assumption is they need trunk to manage vlans themself