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need help setting up DNS

2016-02-03, 01:24 AM
Look like it is fixed now.

boby@hon-pc-01:~ $ nslookup libertaire.net

Name:	libertaire.net

boby@hon-pc-01:~ $
As for secondary name servers, it is not really needed. With out secondary dns server, if dns server go down site will go down. Normally dns won't have much problem.

If you really need secondary dns server, purchase a VPS, then install cpanel-dns only on it and configure it as secondary dns server.

2016-02-03, 01:15 AM
My server management company said
The issues pertained due to zone files on the server and it has been addressed now.
And apparently it's working now, the websites are back online

They also said
It is not a mandatory requirerment for DNS to work and just acts a secondary slave if needed.As far my experience goes I believe the current configurations on your server for the DNS would suffice our requirement for the domains to be resolved correctly.
But i've read that OVH recommends setting up a secondary nameserver

What should i do ?

2016-02-03, 12:11 AM
Look like your DNS server is down.

boby@hon-pc-01:~/Downloads $ nslookup libertaire.net

** server can't find libertaire.net: SERVFAIL

boby@hon-pc-01:~/Downloads $
Restart dns server in WHM and see if it works.

2016-02-03, 12:00 AM
I need help setting up DNS for my SoYouStart dedicated server.

I want to use ns1.libertaire.net + ns2.libertaire.net for all domains in my account (i use these nameservers with godaddy for all domains)

I paid a server management company to setup the DNS for me, but right now all domains pointing to my server can't be reached

Here's some screenshots of my WHM settings:

A entry = https://gyazo.com/74fb73a26177a843dc2a5e9a21d1a73e
DNS zone = https://gyazo.com/f2b22436c7a468da4d97df2fdb41eab0
NS record report = https://gyazo.com/5e505a1fb8b0e99236e15a86261f9056

Now when i go to the SoYouStart control panel (OVH Manager) and try to add a secondary nameserver it says:
Before continuing, you must add a TXT field in the DNS zone of the domain "libertaire.net", with the sub-domain ownercheck and the following value: 8887aa70.
I did add a TXT field with the ownercheck as you can see on this screenshot from the page "Edit DNS Zone > libertaire.net" of WHM

And finally, here's a screenshot of libertaire.net's hostnames settings in Godaddy: https://gyazo.com/dcfde22efa96fbb7418367364dd0a17f

My server IP is