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What is OVH 'Soft' disk?

2016-02-02, 10:45 AM
Excellent explanation!

James @ OVH
2016-02-02, 10:28 AM
Hello Stevena,

Thank you for asking this question,

On the OVH website, beside the servers, we indicate the RAID type included with each individual disk configuration.

This is to help clients who need a specific RAID type for their infrastructure. For example most hypervisors do not support SOFT RAID out of the box, so in this case they would select the HARD RAID option.

To clarify their meanings:

SOFT: Software RAID.
HARD: Hardware RAID Controller included.(LSI MegaRAID)
JBOD: Just a Bunch of Disks.

If you have any more questions, please let me know.


James @ OVH

2016-02-02, 10:05 AM
Thank you for your response. This description is confusing because some servers on the dedicated page list '2 x2TB SOFT/JBOD' and others list '3 x2TB HARD'.

2016-02-02, 12:13 AM
It is 2 physical disk. You can configure it as software RAID 1 if you want. During installation you have option to specify if you need raid or not.

2016-02-01, 08:47 PM

I have a question about OVH's "2 x2TB SOFT/JBOD". I don't know the meaning of the 'Soft' in this case.

What I would like is 2 physical 2TB drives dedicated to my own use--not some virtual disk used by others.

Please advise, thank you.