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Configure new FTP user linked to one dir

2016-01-16, 11:17 PM
I'd personally recommend PureFTPd if you need a simple solution to restricting viewing access to their home directory. Install it & edit the pure-ftpd.conf to enable chroot. You need to make a change to sshd config too for SFTP access but I don't remember, a quick Google should give you something though.

2016-01-16, 01:09 AM
Thanks in advantage for every help and time you give/take (I'm new here, so sorry is the post doesn't belong here)

I was trying to make a new FTP user besides the admin one, that ONLY can access one dir (and obviosly it's children) but NOT navigate in root or other directories of the VPS

If anyone could give me any information I would aprecciate it a lot.