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Pre-Sales Questions for Dedicated Game Server

2016-01-11, 02:01 PM
1. People in Cali will have over 100+ ping, not ideal but acceptable.

2. Servers are completely self-managed. They will swap out broken hardware. That's it. No hand holding.

3. The MC-32 is a beast and should handle that fine.

4. Yes it does.

5. OVH does not provide anything but a blank install of the OS. You can install Windows on these servers manually via KVM.

2016-01-08, 07:41 AM

I'm interested in purchasing one of your dedicated game servers, but I was curious about a few things before purchasing. Keep in mind I'm not purchasing right away, I'm in need a few things before I can purchase the server.

1. I live in CT and most of the people connecting to the server will be all over the US and a few international people. Will the sever location in North America work OK for both myself and general connections from the US? I did a proof test and the latency seemed fine, but I wanted to ask others for their impressions.

2. I realize these servers are probably unmanaged, but how much support do you provide? If I have an issue with the server that I am unable to solve, can I reach out to someone? Is there a cost associated with it? I want to know how alone I am in this.

3. I'm going to be putting up 3 CS:GO servers and potentially 1 Team Speak 3 server. Would this work for the $80/mo server? The slots for all three game servers would total around 88. Unsure of the Team Speak slots yet, but I can't imagine over 32 slots there.

4. I just want to make sure, but does the Anti-DDOS technology work for CS:GO? I saw just "Counter-Strike" listed, so I wanted to make sure it would be effective for my servers. I used to run game servers years ago and attacks crippled our servers every once and a while.

5. I'm not an expect with LINUX servers, but I can do some basic stuff. I plan to install TCAdmin 2 on the server once it's built, but what additional security is set on the server when it's built? Do you provide any sort of server hardening or is that left to the customer?

Thank you for your time and I'm looking forward to your responses!