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How to maintain the OVH dedicated server

2016-01-09, 04:18 PM
You can purchase cpanel license from OVH for $20 per month.

2016-01-08, 10:09 AM
You will need to buy your cPanel license separately (can get it at http://cpanel.com/). OVH does provide a template that comes with cPanel/WHM preinstall but they no longer provide licenses for them.

In terms of what they do and do not do for a manage is as follows:

They will not help with OS reinstallations unless the OS installation fails. You can reinstall your OS at any time from the control panel and it also has a rescue mode you can go into if something fails so you can fix it yourself. If a reinstallation of the OS fails, generally OVH gets a notification and they'll intervene then or if you've submitted a ticket.

You will need to make sure everything on your server has their software patched from major vulnerabilities, OVH will not help with anything that's software related.

You will need to monitor your own hardware for any possible failures. This means you will need to understand how to ream SMART data for the hard disk. If there is a failure then you'll need to open a ticket letting them know of a hard disk error so they can intervene and replace it.

Network issues is a toss up depending on where on the network. If it's a bad network configuration on the server they'll help you to an extent. If it's a network issue with the actual network leading up to your server is all OVH. OVH monitors their networks up to your server for faults and automatically flags for investigating and fixing. You can also check OVH's network status at http://status.ovh.com/

Hope this helps you.

2016-01-07, 04:07 PM

Right now i am using reseller hosting and vps to manage my sites with cpanel.

I would like to try out ovh dedicated server.

Can i buy cpanel/whm additionally?

What kind of support they provide with unmanaged? like harddisk failure or OS reinstallation, network issue,

How do you guys manage your hosting with unmanaged dedicated server? Can you just provide me your strategy,