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Migration to VPS 2016 SSD

James @ OVH
2015-12-29, 10:50 AM
Hello Victor,

As mentioned by scsa20, in this case you would have to purchase the VPS SSD, migrate your data to the new server, then contact our support by team by opening a ticket. In the support ticket simply request to apply a time transfer credit from your old VPS towards the new one. Following this procedure the VPS Classic will be removed from your account.

You may open a support ticket by logging into your OVH manager https://ca.ovh.com/manager/
Select the Assistance tab from the top on the page.
Select "Create a support request"

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us 24/7/365.

Happy holidays!

James @ OVH

2015-12-28, 09:18 AM
Basically it, sign up for your VPS SSD plan of your choice, move all your data from the VPS Classic to VPS SSD (since they will not do that for you), then put in a ticket asking to cancel and transfer remaining time from the VPS Classic to VPS SSD

2015-12-28, 08:37 AM

I'm a customer of VPS Classic 2 and want to migrate to VPS SSD 2. I've understood I must buy VPS SSD 2 and then open ticket to migrate actual subscription plan (which expires in June 2016). Am I right?

With best wishes,