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James @ OVH
2015-12-15, 11:32 AM

For a speed test to our datacenters please click on this link: http://proof.ovh.net
From here you will be able to test you connectivity to our different datacenters.

If you have nay other questions, please let me know.

James @ OVH

2015-12-13, 01:07 PM
hello robot were abouts are you as i was in uk and had one in ca data center and i got about 170 ping from my house to server dont have that one now but ip was so if ovh ip aint shared with all there data center that will be still in ca if your useing pure ovh not sys or kimsurfi i can show you my speed here http://beta.speedtest.net/result/4912259517 this was a bad day my server get better speed than this on good day with bandwidth it is not cap but after i used server for video stream for while i seen some buffering but this was in day time so due ovh network busy time but for games ovh server are very good i will all ways use them you should not have lag in-less the game is laggy by it self

2015-12-13, 10:24 AM
hi everyone,

i just want to ask if there are ip's that i can ping with regards to SyS canada servers. I'm planning on getting one but ping is very important to a game server(not on the game server list) any information would be appreciated!

another one, i just need a bit clarification regarding the 250mbps bandwidth with all servers. as far as i understand is the "speed" of the internet is 250? and is the "bandwidth" unlimited? or if it reaches that specific bandwidth then servers will be down? just a clarification, thanks!