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Issues with service renewal

Phil @ OVH
2015-12-14, 08:57 PM

The support agent who told you to order a new server was mistaken. If you've issued a chargeback, we will not accept any orders from you, new or renewal. As the validation team previously informed you, it is a violation of our terms of service. We were in the process of cancelling and refunding your order. When you issue a chargeback, it gives us a negative reputation with payment processors, and they charge us an additional fee on top of taking the money back.

When you request a chargeback from PayPal, you tell them that you have already tried contacting the seller, and that we would not help. We had in fact already told you we would.

There is unfortunately nothing left to do. We will no longer accept orders from your account.

Phil C.

2015-12-12, 09:23 AM
I have tried solving this issue through support tickets but all i've gotten is automated or generic replies.
This is regarding a So You Start 32G E3-1245v2 SoftRaid 2x2 TB server.
I just ordered and started paying for the service over a month ago (including the setup fee) I was paying for my second month of service when I got the payment put on hold by you, since it was a new credit card that I had just added to my paypal account. At that point I thought it was Paypal that was holding the payment, and not you, since you never let me know through any means that there was any sort of issue with my payment. What kept coming everyday from you, were the service expiration emails, reminding me to pay or else it would get cancelled. I even tried asking you through a support ticket, to check on the hold, and instead of you letting me know or explaining what was going on, you gave me a generic answer telling me youd give me more days to pay for the service. You also asked me to send my documents (ID and bill) once again, even though I had already done it last month. No problems, I sent those right away.
The payment never went through, and since I wasnt getting any real answers, after a few days of trying to get in touch with you and still getting the expiry notices every day, I decided I would go back to my first paying method, which is the one I used when I registered and ordered the service with you. To do that I had to cancel the payment on paypal, which at that point seemed like the only way to make the payment again.
This was the first time I got a real, non generic reply from you, telling me doing a chargeback was against your ToS, and that my service would get cancelled.
Now I'm again trying to contact you through support tickets but the only response I got was that if I wanted to keep using your services I would have to order them again, and honestly, I can't afford to pay the setup fee again, considering this whole thing was a misinformation on your behalf.
Here is a link to a copy of the support ticket history: http://pastebin.com/NfnMnZaB

I hope I can continue to use the original service Ive been paying for, especially since I already paid the setup and its only been over a month, rather than ordering it again (I still see it active on my control panel's dashboard).
Thanks a lot

PS: Im not sure where to find my ovh ID on my control panel, so its not on my forum profile. I believe it's 'ujNTj' . I got it from my control panel URL.. If thats not it, If you could point me to where to find it so I can add it and make this easier, I gladly will.