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Problem with Account Registration

2015-12-27, 10:21 AM
Yes, after six month didn't login, and yesterday i try to log in, I Can't. Then try to forgot passwod, and can't do the procedure was appear. Lack of support.. What's going on on this Hosting provider. My paypal account diminish every month, I can't prevent it. Because I can not cancel the bill. i want refund. I was emailed the support in aug. But didn't response.If this problem didn't clear in the end of this month, i will report OVS in largest hosting and web forum in the net and webmaster facebook groups or mybe play facebook ads which targeting webmasters around the US or entire world, so the name of OVS will be bad," really, really bad." I'm really angry about this. Please contact me muhamadfrihastanto[at]gmail.com.


2015-12-26, 08:27 PM
It has been two weeks and still no help in any form, regardless of how I've attempted to contact OVH (attempted being the operative word, I have yet to find a way through to anyone who works there). At least tell me if this forum post is in the wrong place rather than ignoring it. I will be seeking another provider due to this lack of support.

2015-12-04, 11:19 PM
Hello, I am currently attempting to have a server transferred to me from someone else. We know how to do this, however when I attempt to create a new account for myself I get the error "error_country_values" whenever I attempt to complete the form. Here is the form, for reference. I live in Australia.

I saw this thread which suggested that I attempt to create an account through the checkout process. This also did not work. I saw a tweet suggesting it could have something to do with the phone country code, so I attempted all variations with and without country code, even leaving the mobile out completely, to no avail.

I am sure I have completed the details correctly, I've checked over many times, so what could be causing the problem? Is it just not possible for me to register an account in this country?

EDIT: I also attempted to email the support team regarding this (calling would be too expensive from here), but in order to get support you need an account, and in order to get an account I need support.