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Pre Sale questions

2015-12-02, 05:13 PM
In addition to scsa20's answers, you can also look into Virtualization, like Proxmox/KVM, VirtualBox, VMware, etc and install Windows on that. For networking, with the single IP, you can do natting and opening up ports to the VM. I recommend getting a SyS box with Proxmox though, as you have more IP options and it's still pretty cheap. If you go a VM route, remember, you are responsible for licenses.

2015-11-27, 05:51 PM
Someone did a tutorial on how to install windows on a Kimsufi dedicated server which can be found at https://forum.kimsufi.com/showthread...s-installation and there's also a template that's premade you can use but the guy started charging a buck for it so it's your choice at this point if you want to create your own template or buy that one person's template.

No, you're limited to just 1 IP address, if you want more then 1 IP address, you'll want to look at SYS. You should still be able to run multiple game servers at the same time on the 1 IP address as long as they use different ports. The problem comes from rather or not you have enough processing power and what you expect the loan to be. Most of the time you normally run 1 game server per physical server but, like I said, primary depends on the server software running and load you expect.

You won't be able to upgrade the hard drive. The size you get is what you get.

2015-11-27, 01:10 PM
Hi, I am currently looking into buying KS-5A Kimsufi dedicated server and have a few questions.
How can i install windows on it (my friend has windows on it but forget how to install it)
Can i get multiple ips for running different servers (example minecraft server, dayz server at the same time)
How can i upgrade the servers hard drive space.
Thanks for helping if you have any suggestions.