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Ftp to VPS

2015-11-29, 06:19 PM
It doesn't matter what OS you have installed on the VPS, it only matters because the installation process of the FTP server (which is not installed by default) is a bit different from each Linux installation.

In all honestly you might be better off installing Release 3 OVH which is a free control panel/ready to go web host package which provides you with FTP access off the back as well, either that or going with either Plesk or CPanel (both cost money) which would probably save you the headache of having to configure everything yourself for apache, MySQL, PHP, and FTP.

2015-11-29, 12:04 PM
I reinstalled the vps to Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop (64-bit version) ! honestly i don't know if it's compatible with Windows 7 or not

2015-11-27, 10:10 PM
It says Debian 7 ! an my computer's Windows 7 . I tried Puffy and Filezilla ... Nothing seems to work

2015-11-27, 12:04 PM
When you signed up for the service, one of the questions asked was what operating system you wanted. You would have also been emailed the log in information once done, do you remember what OS you choose? You can also find out by logging into the control panel and go into the VPS, it'll list what you're running.

2015-11-26, 04:49 PM
Oh sorry i actually have no idea ! i don't think am using any. I just purchased this service for the first time and didn't add anything yet . I hope it's a bit clear coz i never used a VPS before

2015-11-26, 03:19 PM
I meant for the VPS, what OS are you running on the VPS.

And by control panel, I mean something like Plesk, CPanel, etc.

2015-11-26, 03:11 PM
Thank you for your prompt answer. it's Windows 7 . sorry i didn't understand what control panel

2015-11-26, 02:32 PM
Well first thing first, what OS are you're running? Are you using any sort of control panel or all through the terminal? Stuff like that to help point you in the right direction.

2015-11-26, 02:08 PM
Hi guys,

I am a new member and have a quick question. I want to upload a proxy website to my server and figured out i have to install ftp on my VPS first ! can any one assist with that please and thank you