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Can we use OVH for anything other than backups?

2015-11-25, 04:45 AM
I am not one to hang dirty laundry in public, however, I sent this to support. I am still trying to
figure out whether we can use OVH for anything other than backups after them giving false impressions
about the network and repeatedly suffering for it, and yes I have read the status.ovh.com and the
general announcements from the president and so forth. Perhaps some with more years and servers
on OVH can comment here? I sent this into support and after copy/paste replies and queries about
what incident they do not seem to understand what on earth I could be asking! I understand, they do not
have web hosting clients, they have us:

"When I found OVH I was very happy but saw reviews and decided only to use OVH for backup services. I am glad I did that as OVH seems to have pretended to have redundancy on the network connection but really did not. Also I understand you had plans to integrate the multiple peers just a bit later...but then there was another incident. At this point I would like to know if I can start using OVH for anything other than backup. I have seen a few sites that use OVH...and I know those sites were down during the incident.

Please advise what:

1. Was in place during the last incident.
2. What changes have been made.
3. What is the current capacity and degree of redundancy and how that is accomplished."

All in all I feel that OVH feels immune to having to understand their clients true needs though there are marketing
videos on Youtube where OVH claims to understand. Hiding behind being "we are an infrastructure company" doesn't
really cut it, or does it, someone please give it to me if I am wrong in being so wary.