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Assigning a VM a Failover IP address with only CentOS 7 and KVM.

2015-11-19, 02:24 PM
Hello everyone,

I've been trying to assign a failover IP to my windows virtual machine, with only CentOS 7 and KVM QEMU, not Proxmox or VMware.
I only have one failover - so I don't see the point to have an entire solution like Proxmox or VMware. Is it possible to do this on CentOS 7?

I tried following this guide:

But I'm not sure if I should be applying that configuration on the host or the guest and also which device. If on the host, CentOS 7, do I configure eth0 or virbr0?

Also, I tried creating a bridge adapter with virt-manager, I got disconnected from the server and had to reset the network settings to reconnect to it.

I'm fairly new to linux server management so try to bare with me.