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Postfix vs. Hosted Exchange

2015-11-18, 10:20 AM
Postfix is fine if you're just going to have a hand full of email accounts, only reason I see for going to Exchange is if you want to be able to fully sync everything for your business (calendar, contacts, email, etc). Postfix does have IMAP support so you'll be able to sync emails but won't be able to sync contacts and calendar.

In terms of hosted Exchange, you'll be looking at paying x amount per month per user. You can create a general mailbox (that can be used for sending out emails as well) for no additional charge since it's not assigned to any 1 user but I do not believe you'll be able to set it up for any special ports. And because the exchange is hosted by another company it comes standard with one of their SSL certs (since they're the ones hosting it, not you). If you want more control over the exchange then you would need to install a windows dedicated server and install exchange which costs more money but probably cheaper in the long run since you only have to worry about the cost of renting a server if not running it locally (you do need a static IP address and understanding of windows domains and setup which can be hours on research and what not).

So going back to postfix and having multiple user accounts, if you're not already using a control panel like CPanel or Plesk or even any of the free control panels, there is an add-on control panel available for postfix that you can find at http://sourceforge.net/projects/ravencore/ for creating and managing accounts to make your life easier (it's basically another free control panel).

Hope this gives you a step in the right direction.

2015-11-18, 01:15 AM
I am currently building a Drupal site running off LAMP (Debian Jessie). Looking for options on setting up email. At first I thought I was going to have to go through the aggravation of setting up Postfix then Dovecot (maybe) etc . . It's not that Postfix is a bad mail server. It's quite popular and for good reason but honestly I need to setup something like 4 accounts. I wonder if Hosted Exchange wouldn't be the better choice.

I do have questions about Hosted Exchange though. Right now I use SMTP via my gmail account during development but I'd like to move it to a dedicated mail server. Can I do this with Hosted Exchange? If I setup an account like info@mydomain.com can I have my Drupal site forward out to that account? Can I use SSL with Hosted Exchange and change the port #? I'm wondering how flexible hosted exchange will be compared to running a mail server myself.

Any feedback, especially regarding limitations of hosted exchange is greatly appreciated. Thanks.