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Removal of infringing content published by OVH Canada customer hotchan.net

2015-11-17, 12:25 PM
Thanks a lot OVH team for expediting the process.

Phil @ OVH
2015-11-16, 07:37 PM

The Abuse team generally will not respond to your report, but they will investigate the issue and take the appropriate steps. Usually, we first issue the customer a warning, and give them 48 hours to comply. If the problem persists, we take further action.

I've forwarded your message to our Abuse team, they will look into this promptly.

Phil C.

2015-11-16, 09:58 AM

This is regarding an incident of abuse reported on 11/09/2015 via the web form available at https://abuse.ovh.ca in connection to hosting of a personal stolen image by the domain , which is one of the OVH Canada customers. Due to sensitive nature of the complaint, I am refraining from posting the incident details on this forum.

However, my concern is that, I have not received any acknowledgement/response from OVH as of now(I do understand that due to the bulk of incoming emails, it might not be possible to reply individually). I resorted to escalating my complaint with the hosting provider because the admin of the domain has not taken any action even after repeated emails. To add to my worries, Abuse Team at OVH is not helping either.

It may be noted that I have provided as much information possible while raising my case with Abuse team. At the same time, I have pointed out in my complaint how the customer breaches General Terms of Service laid down by OVH. If they need further details, I am happy to comply.

Please understand that this matter is very distressing on personal front. Could somebody from OVH please review my case and let me know the status of my complaint? I am sure, only a small initiative from OVH would help in solving the issue. For your reference, the case was created with email .