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Questions about VPS Control Panel, KVM, TeamViewer, and Kubuntu

2015-11-10, 12:55 PM
First off, if you're using the KVM from the control panel, then you're seeing everything that's happening including boot up cause it acts like you're right in front of the computer when you're not which is different from remote desktop where remote desktop means that the computer needs to get an internet connection before you're able to connect. KVM's are great for when you're trying to figure out why you're not able to log into the desktop via remote desktop (either with TeamViewer or VNC). With that said:

1) Adjust the screen resolution, should help you out (although icons will look bigger and what not taking more up on the screen).
2) Yes since a KVM has nothing to do with the actual server itself, it's a gateway to view everything, including boot up.
3 and 4) Not sure, hopefully someone else could answer this questions for you.

2015-11-10, 11:41 AM
So I'm new to OVH, but have worked with server hosts in the past. With OVH, I've noticed that when you use KVM to access Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop, the KVM has multiple scrollbars to see the entirety of the desktop.

My first question is: is there any way to resize it so that I can see all parts of the desktop at the same time without needing to scroll around or use an outside remote connection?

My second question is: is it possible to change the GUI type without completely corrupting the server's KVM backend (meaning I'd like to switch from Kubuntu to Unity without messing it up).

My third question is: why did my 10GB VPS run out of disk space after only having apache2, krfb (krdc's host), and a teamspeak 3 server installed. These three programs take up very little space, so why was my disk full after a reboot? ( found that it was the package cache that had 500MB+ of data swimming around).

My final question is: why isn't the 64-bit linux version of teamviewer (my prefered remote connection app) compatible with the 64-bit Ubuntu installation on my VPS? I looked it up and all I found was that some people said to install WINE, but that's useless since the install is a deb file.

I'm not illiterate with ubuntu, but these are a few things that -- for the life of me -- I cannot figure out in the amount of time I have to work with this VPS. Other than these few issues, the VPS is a superb resource for the things I want to host -- I'm the lead Developer for a small game server community that does not need a huge dedicated server until the community grows a bit.

Thanks in advance for the help.