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Rust server hosting on a vps or shared?

2015-11-03, 12:01 PM
Hmm i really want to give a try on vps, since i also worry that game hosts wont offer enough resources for the server to run at its best.

2015-11-03, 10:05 AM
If you know how to manage a VPS, and you know how to setup, manage and maintain a Rust server, then go with a VPS. You get more control, flexibility and protection.

On the other hand with a game host you get some type of support for the game server. You don't have to setup anything. Configuration is usually minimal and easy via a control panel. You can focus on the game server and not worry about the network or the OS the game server runs on.

In my experience many game hosts do not offer sufficient resources for the game servers they sell. A lot of them do not offer Anti-DDoS... and believe me you want Anti-DDoS. Support can often be slow. Serious issues are usually resolved with "Lets move your server to another machine"... in which case your IP changes and players cannot find your server.

Both choices have pros and cons.

2015-11-03, 06:42 AM
Hey guys,
i really need some help here. I want to setup a rust server, im looking forward to VPS here at OVH (love your service), but i got very surprised when i saw prices for shared hosting starting at $10.
Should i go with one of this shared hosts http://nazeboo.com/server-hosting/rust-server-hosting/ or create my own vps?
If vps then how much cpu/ram?
if shared what host would you recommend?