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More Choice - VPS 2016 + Some Feedback

2015-11-03, 12:23 AM
I'm quite disappointed that OVH decided to offer only 3 types of 2016 VPS servers. I think this is a bad decision that will hurt sales down the road. I like the new VPS servers, but I don't like the new price or the options.

The old 2014 offerings made more sense. The progression from one 2014 VPS to the next made sense cost-wise and resource-wise. And to be frank, even the 2014 offerings could have been better.

I'm looking for flexibility and options. I'm sure others are too. It would be really nice be able to manually select the amount of RAM, # of cores & HDD space for a VPS using a slider - like some competitors already allow for.

Some other things that bug me:

1) Looks like a ripoff

2016 VPS CLOUD 1
$11.99 - Linux
$17.99 - Windows (VPS specs same as Linux)
--Difference: $6

2016 VPS CLOUD 2
$23.99 - Linux
$35.99 - Windows (VPS specs same as Linux)
--Difference: $12

2016 VPS CLOUD 3
$44.99 - Linux
$71.99 - Windows (VPS specs same as Linux)
--Difference: $27

Am I to understand that you can offer a Windows license for $6 on CLOUD 1, but that same license costs $27 on CLOUD 3?

2) No option to downgrade a VPS

The need for resources changes. Being able to upgrade a VPS is awesome - bonus points for that. The option to downgrade a VPS would be really nice. The current method to downgrade, that is, to register a new VPS and transfer everything from the old one only leads to downtime, issues and therefore frustrated customers.

3) No Gigabit Option

It doesn't make much to saturate 100Mbit/s nowadays. Rogers will soon be offering Gigabit Internet and the bottleneck of 100Mbit/s will be quite apparent and an issue. It would be really nice to have a gigabit option for the VPS servers.

4) Not enough HDD space

I feel that the lower end VPS's simply do not come with adequate HDD space. Windows can easily take 10gigs. The ability to add or attach more space would be nice.

5) No notifications of issues or scheduled maintenance.

Email or control panel notifications of major issues or scheduled maintenance would go along way. It will probably prevent few phone calls when stuff goes down.

Things that I love:

1) The Control Panel. In my opinion you got it right. It's the best I have seen.
2) Expiry reminders - love' em.
3) Easy sign-up process. (One of your major competitors requires government issued ID to be faxed to them to buy a VPS...what a joke!)
4) Easy VPS upgrade process.
5) Best Plesk/Odin prices
6) When things work, they work well.