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No access to my Control Panel. (Two-Factor authentication)

Phil @ OVH
2016-06-09, 11:09 AM

Yes, you did send a lot of emails. However, up until the last message you sent, none of them had the documents we had requested. Also, you received auto-replies telling you that our validation team only arrive at 7:30am EDT, this is why you did not receive a reply earlier.

I see you opened at least 4 other forum threads about this subject, and replied on unrelated threads. Please refrain from spamming our forum, or your forum account could be banned.

I see the issue has now been resolved, you should have access to your account again.


Phil @ OVH
2015-11-12, 09:37 AM

You would need to email validation@ovh.ca, they will take you through the rest of the process.

Phil C.

2015-11-02, 10:02 PM
I lost my phone (for my Two-Factor authentication)

Now i cannot enter to my Control Panel...

Also I try to open a ticket but it bring me to my control panel... hehehe

Can someone tell me what to do...

Thank You