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What happens with a (partially) failed hard drive? (At SYS/KS)

2015-10-28, 04:47 PM
** This is a copied post from the .co.uk forums, I made that topic too. If I will receive a reply here, I will post it there. Thank you. **

So let's say you have a RAID1, or no raid.
The HDD dies, you contact support, your HDD gets swapped.

What happens with the old HDD?
Does it get properly destroyed, or completely wiped off before re-used?

I suspect they don't just throw it into a garbage bin, or upload data dumps to wherever - but is there a written information on this?

Ps.: The reason I ask is simple.
Doing a FDE on a headless machine without KVM is a pain, let alone the performance hit.
You can also work within encrypted containers (LUKS, for example). But it's also pain, and it's slower.

So... can I just use the machine and store sensitive data plain, or should I always be extra careful because someone might end up booting my OS with all the data intact?