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Poor Connection from West Coast, Canada

2015-10-28, 02:06 PM
We have a lot of clients located in BC that face slow response from our servers hosted in Beauharnois. We have raised this issue with our major ISPs in lower mainland they all have common issue we can only peer with OVH in Seattle which sends traffic to San Jose from there to New York before it gets back into Canada. This creates a long route and response is quit slow. Since every one peer with OVH in Seattle and its single link to San Jose, if there any problem with the link we get hit big time. Like yesterday we had 184 ms response from our gateway and our office go flooded with the calls.

It would be much appreciated if west cost traffic can be routed to Toronto and from there to Beauharnois. Or have more peering option with our large ISPs like Shaw or Telus.