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telnet and ssh connection questions network cards etc...

noobs Inc
2015-10-01, 06:58 PM
i see 2 network cards on the machines i rent, is it possible to use them to connect my dedicated hosts together?
for instance multi game servers on my 6 core host and a second host running the server managers bots etc.. that help keep these game server safe for my players.

they use telnet which i hear is very insecure since it has to go out to the internet then back, and from my understanding these host machines are in the same building.
now i use enterprise dedicated servers and i know v rack is not an option or is it? all i want to do is keep that traffic internal like a direct connection
between the 2 hosts to keep it from going to the internet and back just from machine to machine.

this seems to be my main problem weak insecure telnet which the game i host is dependent on.

looking for options links to ways of doing it before i call in and ask questions lol.