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Order 43110047 - Your user account has not yet been validated.

2015-09-29, 05:18 PM
ovh.ie is the European branch. You are in the wrong forums. Correct forums: https://forum.ovh.co.uk/

You can provide the two documents, or you can request a refund if you don't want to provide them.

2015-09-29, 03:27 PM

I made a request today.

Your user account has not yet been validated.

To order, please send the following two documents to customersupport@ovh.ie by quoting your nichandle: ****-ovh

Proof of ID:
ID card
Driving Licence
Proof of address:
Utility bill (Gas, electricity, phone)
Bank statement
Official correspondence

No payment method, please contact us
What can i do?

Thank you