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Persistent spamming from OVH servers

2015-10-15, 11:19 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Bubka3
Reporting via SpamCop (a 3rd party) is not reporting anything to the host (technically, though a lot of hosts do monitor this and other services).
...what? Reporting spam through their service most definitely DOES report it to the host - which I know for a fact, because I've received complaints against my own servers. The only effective difference is that Spamcop munges some of the sensitive/personally-identifiable details in reports - but the reports still contain more than enough detail for any halfway-competent admin to verify the issue.

OVH only takes abuse reports directly:
Too bad that "minor" detail isn't mentioned anywhere on OVH's website... It also raises the obvious question: if OVH ignores Spamcop complaints, then why accept them in the first place? There are ISPs that don't accept Spamcop complaints at all, or don't accept munged complaints - but at least they're honest and indicate that up front. Accepting Spamcop complaints, and then just ignoring them, seems sloppy & unprofessional at best.

Clearly OVH is more interested in hiding behind lame excuses, turning a blind eye to obvious/known abuse, unless/until people jump through a bunch of arbitrary hoops to spoonfeed them the details - rather than doing anything to actually address abuse of their servers. If I were an OVH customer, that would be serious cause for concern - since ignoring spam complaints is a GREAT way to get end up in an RBL, resulting in customers' outgoing not being delivered. Especially given OVH's reputation for being spam-friendly and having been listed by Spamhaus as the world's worst spam support ISP as recently as 2014, etc.

On the "plus" side, there's been so much spam from OVH's servers that I haven't had to even bother setting up any explicit filters to block them - thanks to the huge volume of OVH spam, simply training our servers' filters against the messages has been sufficient for the bayesian classification to flag everything from OVH as spam. So if OVH isn't interested in doing anything to address the problem, then I guess that's the next best solution.

2015-09-22, 06:50 PM
Reporting via SpamCop (a 3rd party) is not reporting anything to the host (technically, though a lot of hosts do monitor this and other services). OVH only takes abuse reports directly:

(Note: The french IP complaints go to the email listed, north american IPs use that form).

Also, you can type an IP at http://whois.arin.net to directly get the hosting company and proper abuse email address.

2015-09-22, 09:36 AM
I'm the server administrator for a small hosting provider and over the last few months, we have received a large volume of spam from your servers. Every single spam EMail we've received from OVH servers has been reported to you via Spamcop, but you've clearly failed to address the problem in any meaningful way - judging from the fact that the spam from OVH servers has not only continued, but has steadily increased. In the past couple of weeks, it's reached the point where we now receive more spam from OVH servers than any other single EMail provider - with the sole exception of GMail, and at the current rate you'll catch up to them before the end of the month.

Then, this morning came the last straw: I opened my EMail to discover 27 new spam from various different IP addresses, all of which are (according to SpamCop) assigned to OVH.net/OVH.ca. You were sent reports from Spamcop for all 27 of the recent spam EMails that we've received from your servers, all 27 had the identical subject line "contact for your ad on kijiji".

Do you have intention of actually addressing the problem? Or should we simply start rejecting all EMail from your servers?