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VPS Offline

2015-09-27, 06:25 PM
Call them at their toll free number, you can use Skype.

2015-09-23, 08:21 PM
What model of VPS is this? If it's a 2016 cloud vps, it's supposed to fail over automatically to another server when there is a hardware fault. If it's an SSD VPS, that much downtime is unfortunate and I'd have hoped they'd fix or migrate it quicker.. If it's one of the old "classic" VPS, those things crashed all the time so you should upgrade.

2015-09-22, 07:57 AM
I'm with my VPS Offline for several hours, and there is no return of the OVH support.

Yesterday the VPS went Offline for several hours and returned only after the touch via ticket which took a long time to be answered.

And today, the VPS is offline for more than five hours and no response to tickets 2015092219018639 and 2015092119052353

Yesterday we received the support information that had a problem in physical memory.

I tried to restart the VPS at the Panel OVH and stopped at 57% and there are no replies to tickets

The VPS is Offline, tech support doesn't answer, who will ask for help?