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How does remote console access work?

2015-03-24, 12:58 PM
Hello, i just wanted to mention 2 usefull tutorials that might be usefull in this case:

Martin @ OVH
2014-01-31, 08:42 PM

The installation of your Operating System is done from the SoyouStart manager and only after the server has been delivered.

The only way to install your own Operating System would be with the use of a KVM and unfortunately, it is not available with the SoyouStart line.

Remote control access to your server depends on the type of Operating System you installed for example: with a Linux OS you would connect through SSH and for a Windows OS, while the majority of version accept SSH a more convenient way would be through RDP. (Remote Desktop Connection)

Since there's no KVM on a SyS server, i'm afraid it's not possible to use your own ISO for installation and/or repair.

If your looking into using your own ISO to install a custom OS, i would suggest looking at our OVH offers (www.ovh.com) since by default, they all come with KVM IP.

Don't hesitate if you have any other questions.


2014-01-31, 09:02 AM

I just ordered a soyoustart SYS-E32-1 server. I know there is a long list of supported OSs. I wasn't asked which one I prefer, which is fine, because I want to to the install myself anyhow (to customize use of LVM, partitioning, filesystems, etc.)

How does remote console access work on these, either at install time or when the system is in need of OS repair because it won't boot? How do I mount an ISO image for it to use for the install, for instance? Does this require intervention from support?

Can I use my own ISO image for the installation or repair, instead of one they prepare? I will be using ZFS on Linux, and the standard ISOs for Debian are not capable of easily repairing such a system. I have built my own, which can. Can I use it? (It will also make installation easier, if I can use it for that.)

I haven't seen any screenshots of the manager showing any of this.

Incidentally, I did get my confirmation email last night, but when I log into the manager, it doesn't show any bills, any servers, etc... Is that normal during the 10-day wait?