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Couple of questions!

2015-09-11, 10:21 PM
This is a difficult question to say yes and no to.
For the OS's you list, No, not officially. OVH/SYS can rent you their license for some Server versions of Windows that can do similar things, but they are quite pricey.
Some of their servers offer 1 free bare metal license of a basic Windows, but I don't know if that is offered anymore.

Now for the Yes parts.
There are complex ways to install a personal OS on their systems using their recovery consoles or on some systems, rent a remote KVM for a few hours and install one yourself. These are not really a solution, but apparently there are some services online that claim to do it for you with your provided license.

I prefer going this last route. Virtualiation, you can install whatever OS's you want using virtualization. I prefer Proxmox as a hypervisor which uses KVM (not the same device mentioned before, but a Virtualization Tech in the Linux Kernel) and install whatever OS you want. There will be some decrease in performance, but if you configure them correctly, you can minimize that. Other free virtualization products you can do include VMware ESXi and Microsoft HyperV.

Proxmox has a nice web interface and supports many OS's with a low overhead while having tons of great features. It has a buy a subscription notification, but it's open source and the license permits you to use the community repository and remove the nag msg if you know how.
You are responsible for providing your own licenses, etc. Although, you can always do the 180 day free MS Trials and keep reimaging. If you're a student, you may even have a free copy you can possibly use.

With Virtualization you can basically split up your server into many other logical computers at the same time and set however much of the resources available to each system or a single virtual.

You would need to get another dedicated IP, $3 one time fee each for the first 16 with the SyS servers. (No monthly fees though.) After 16, they are $3 a month. You will need to learn to play with OVH's network configs, which are a little weird, but there is lots of documentation online on it.

Feel free to private message me if you need help.

2015-09-09, 07:48 PM
Looking into getting a server:

E3-SAT-1 Intel Xeon E3 1225v2 4 c/ 4 t 3.2 GHz+ 16 GB 2 x 2 TB SATA Soft 16* $42.00 CAD

To be exact, now my main question is could I install my own Windows 7/8.1/10 and use remote desktop to connect from my computer?

Basically this needs to be a PC thats always on and ready for me to get on.