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How to start here :( - VPS Classic 1

2015-08-26, 04:16 AM

All is working and my website is hosted in the VPS

I have one more question, When I go to my website, it appears in the bar just like "mydomain.com" - and in my VPS panel control I see that HTTP is green (active) but HTTPS is in red, I installed LAMP in the VPS, how can I make the HTTP:// or HTTPS:// or even WWW appear before my domain in the browser bar?

Thanks in advance!

2015-08-25, 11:30 AM
There are two things here:

1. Set your domain to point it out to your server (where you bought the domain name)

2. Set your server to respond as your domain (OVH Panel)

Please check the guide and sure you will find something useful - http://help.ovh.co.uk/

2015-08-25, 07:54 AM
the people Where I bought the domain told me that they link the IP from my VPS server to my domain and it'd take sometime .. my question.. is.. now how can I start managing my website from the server?, I installed LAMP succesfuly. any advice is more than welcome.

2015-08-25, 04:54 AM
Thank you for the answer @scsa20 but when I log into the control panel where I bought it, I only see a table with DNS1. DNS2, DNS3.. should I replace the DNS1: ns1.MYDOMAIN.COM for the IP from the VPS ? - Sorry for the dumb question.

2015-08-24, 07:33 PM
You will need to log into the control panel of where you bought your domain from and update the A record to point to your VPS' IP address.

2015-08-24, 06:11 PM
Thanks for the answer.
I installed Ubuntu 15.04 Server (64 bits), I've just installed LAMP but don't know where should I link my domain to the server.
Will try with your information.
Basically I only want to display a image "Site under construction" or something similar.. nothing else.. it's just to see how this VPS works and to have something in my domain while I'm preparing all the info that will be there.

2015-08-24, 05:28 PM
Which OS did you installed?

If you want an easy setup then installing an OS that comes with Plesk or cPanel is easiest (but not free), otherwise going with LAMP is just as easy but manual configuration is required and need to manually install POSTFIX for email support (but free) or going with Release 3 OVH (don't remember what the all includes, though but it's also free) (all of those is selected when installing the OS).

In all honestly, if you've never done hosting before, going to a managed hosting provider first would probably be best then getting a unmanaged VPS.

2015-08-24, 02:10 PM

I've just purchased "VPS 2014 - Classic 1 - 1 month" to check how this work, I have my registered domain but I don't have hosting, that's what I want to try here but I don't know where to start.
Right now, I just want to set up a picture like "Site under construction" and an Email (with the domain already registered), I want the people who go to my domain they'll see this picture. May you give me a tip where to start and what did I get for purchasing this plan please?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,