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2015-08-23, 06:37 PM
This varies between registrar's and what dns you're pointing it to.

The most basic method is to use your registrar's dns, if they provide one and set an A entry for your server's IP for the domain and www.domain subdomains.

You could also point your registrar dns to a third party, like cloudflare and set the records there.

Another commonly used thing for people with cpanel is to use their own dns inside of cpanel, and setup ns records with their registrar and point the dns to the server ip, not having secondary dns entries. Then using cpanel to manage the domains.
I think OVH may offer dns mirroring.

I don't like the idea of the third option, as it doesn't have backup and geographically separated dns and I don't use cPanel.

There are other options, but this is just the basic one.

2015-08-23, 04:54 PM

I was trying to figure out how I can host my website through my sys server. I am running Centos 6. I have a cpanel license just wondering how to point my domain towards it