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Backup as a Service now available in BHS

2014-07-27, 02:00 AM
Problem solved.
You must use the Windows Vsphere client, the web client does not work.

Setting up a Backup for a VM
  • Navigate to the VM you want to backup (in "VMs and Templates")
  • Right click on VM and select "backup management" from the dropdown
  • You will be given the option to turn on backups for that VM

You can access restores in the same menu.

Additionally if you select the datacenter one of the last tabs "Backup Manager" will show all VMs set for backups.

2014-07-21, 08:19 PM
Has anyone used this service?
Anyone had any success?
Did you get a welcome email with how to connect to the backup server?

So far we have no success and OVH tech support doesn't seem familiar with the service at all.

2014-07-18, 08:03 PM
How about a couple of quick videos to show how to set up?

- order process
- setting up a backup
- restoring a backup

2014-01-29, 01:59 PM
We are happy to officialy launch today our backup as a service offer for customer using the dedicated cloud in our Canadian datacenter, BHS.

Making backups in a VMWARE environement has never been that easy : Complete protection of your data in a couple of click.

More details and pricing here : http://www.ovh.com/us/dedicated-cloud/veeam.xml